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Duomo, Milano


Grace Building

ESB: Sunset

[Found a bunch of my photos that were up on flickr, but now that I’m no longer “pro” (ie, paid), they are gone. I decided to begin posting them here instead.]

I have a number of Empire State Building photos. The west-facing side of the building catches the sunset over jersey most nights; in this photo, I like the bit of clouds in the background.


A succulent, from our garden.



Amazing photos.


Ya can’t beat the scenery

ESB’s Going Green



Owners of the New York City landmark announced on Monday that they will be beginning a renovation this summer expected to reduce the skyscraper’s energy use by 38 percent a year by 2013, at an annual savings of $4.4 million. The retrofit project will add $20 million to the $500 million building makeover already under way that aims to attract larger corporate occupants at higher rents.

Oh who cares — I just wanted an excuse to post one of my photos of the ESB!

Sevilla Skyline

Sevilla Skyline

One of my favorite photos from the trip.

Holiday In Spain

Click for link to flickr set...

Click for link to flickr set...

Just returned from a week in Spain, mostly spent eating.

Photos here, with more to come. Handy RSS feed, too.



Well, I haven’t blogged here in a bit. The aftermath of working on my thesis all semester, I believe…

I’ll be back in the posting swing of things soon; until then, here’s a cool photo I took, with my new 50mm lens:

pier on the hudson river