Short answer:

Media Studies grad, computer security worker bee, coffee fanatic, moleskine enthusiast.

Longer answer:

I began this blog when I was enrolled as a grad student in the Media Studies department at The New School for General Studies, in New York City. My work in the program primarily centered on new media, digital media theory, social media, and the blogosphere. I’m a big fan of Walter Ong, Marshall McLuhan, Henry Jenkins, Lev Manovich, and Walter Benjamin.

My Master’s Thesis is titled “Mundane Blogging: The Medium and Social Practices of Daily Kos.” Some of the thesis came directly from work started here on my blog.

A shorter version of my thesis was published in The New School Psychology Bulletin, in a special issue on Memory Studies. The paper, titled “Virtual memory: The blog as technological prosthetic,” is available here (PDF).

Professionally, I have worked in the field of IT for over 15 years, in the areas of emerging technology research, computer security, and, recently, social computing tools.

My LinkedIn page can be found here.

Update 1-29-2010… I removed the “A Media Studies Blog” from my home page. Since completing school last year, it’s been difficult to keep this blog, and my thinking in terms of writing it, limited to media studies. Not that I’m not interested in this anymore, because I very much am, but it’s difficult to continue thinking like an academic without really being immersed in that environment.


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  1. Hey Carlo. Thanks for “friending” me at Twitter. I’m finishing up my Masters at Fordham with a thesis called “Comparative Analysis: Social Networking Structures and Progressive Political Identity” and I’m a member of the Media Ecology Association. It seems like we share academic interests as well as our interest in the PdF. Feel free to send me an e-mail anytime. Hope your studies go well.


  2. Carlo Scannella | Reply

    Hi Mike — yes, definitely similar interests. See you on Twitter!

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