Using Quicksilver to Shuffle and Notify

Here’s a simple way to use quicksilver to toggle your itunes shuffle on and off. I’m not sure where I got the original script from…I may have tried a variation of something here?

In any case, the main problem with the shuffle scripts I found online was that you wouldn’t get a notification that the toggle actually happened. But quicksilver makes that easy. The addition of the “tell quicksilver” lines in the script below worked perfectly. (I also believe Growl needs to be installed for this…)

As always, save this script in a folder that’s scanned into the qs catalog, and find a memorable key combo to set as the default. I use “shuff.”

Here’s the script:
tell application “iTunes”
if shuffle of current playlist is false then
set shuffle of current playlist to true
tell application “Quicksilver”
show notification “Shuffle On”
end tell
set shuffle of current playlist to false
tell application “Quicksilver”
show notification “Shuffle Off”
end tell
end if
end tell


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