Sync and Ejecting Your Iphone With Quicksilver

For longer than I care to admit, every time I ejected my iphone from itunes, I would get frustrated that I had to go into itunes to eject my iphone.

Why can’t quicksilver do this? Why isn’t there a script?

I already had a script to initiate the sync, but not to eject. I’ve tried to make one, and checked the itunes “dictionary” in the script editor countless times, but never saw the eject command.

So, today, I googled it.


The same place I found a script to sync — here, at Macworld’s OS X Hints site — in the same post no less (!!!), there’s a script to eject the phone.

To set this up, it’s simple.

First, open the AppleScript Editor application. Next, create two new script files, and paste each one of the scripts on this page into a new script.

Save them both in the Quicksilver Actions folder (by default: Home -> Library -> Application Support -> Quicksilver -> Actions). You can name one something like “itunes_sync” and the other “itunes_eject” — or whatever you can remember, as those are the scripts you’ll be calling in Quicksilver.

Next, rescan the Quicksilver catalog (if you just type “rescan” in Quicksilver, it will bring up the “Catalog Rescan” action for you to run), and your scripts will be ready to go.

Plug in your iphone, type the name of the sync script you created, and watch it go! Same for the eject.

You’ll probably want to change the score for an abbreviated form of the script’s name to call it — I have “it” set to call my sync script.


2 responses

  1. Nice tip. Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it, I don’t have the hardware! :(

    You don’t need to put the scripts in ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions/ – that’s for scripts that appear in pane 2 and use the on process text _text code to receive text from pane 1. (And would require a relaunch to become active.) Any place that is cataloged by QS should be a good home for your scripts.

    1. Thanks!

      I’m still learning about Quicksilver every day…

      I have the Actions folder scanned into the catalog under Custom…I can’t remember if it comes like that, or I put it there; I’m guessing the latter. In any case, that’s where I’ve always put the scripts I’ve created.

      I guess I could create a new folder for my scripts and move them there.

      Thanks again for the info!

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