RIP, Delicious

Sadly, Delicious, one of the best services out there on the net, is shutting down.

Unlike many other cloud services, Delicious allows (allowed…) you to export your data. On a regular basis, I have always saved my bookmarks, tags, and notes (and imported them into Quicksilver, so I had instant access…).  In this respect, for me, Delicious was really a hosting service for my bookmarks, so having it disappear isn’t the worst thing that could happen.

I’ve switched over to – their service charges a nominal one-time fee to register, but it actually looks quite good. I’m especially happy about the auto-bookmarking of my Instapaper saves!

Sadly, though, the “social” part of Delicious’s social bookmarking service is what I will really miss. I used a feed to follow all the links that my “network” on Delicious were saving — this is made it very easy to see what other people were interested in, and what they found across the web. In a sense, it was a curated, serendipitous flow of information from folks I knew and trusted; so many of my bookmarks actually came from that feed.

Pinboard seems to have a similar service, but as everyone on Delicious is now scattering to other services, it is going to take some time to replace that feature.

RIP, Delicious. It was a good run…

[Update] I should have added, Pinboard.IN so far has been really excellent. Most importantly, all my Delicious bookmarks uploaded perfectly. It took a while, as their servers are getting slammed by the mass exodus from Delicious. They said on twitter last night: “we have added just short of one million bookmarks today.”

Pretty amazing.


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