Google? Really?

Google now sells power.

Not sure what to say to that, other than asking, “where will they stop?”

I’ve always been amazed by Google’s success. Their stock price is currently at 540 bucks a share, so obviously others don’t feel the same way. They’ve been a wall street darling since day one, and it’s never really let up.

But I could never understand why? I mean, they sell ads. That’s nothing new. And they have a search engine. And they figured out that if you give your product away, you might be very popular.

All very simple things. (OK, obviously there’s some math and programming behind Internet search, but it’s really just tracking down links and assigning values and keeping a really fast index of everything. Good stuff, but not exactly rocket science. Well, maybe it’s kind of like rocket science. Whatever.)

But this is America! The greatest country in the world (TM)! No one can come up with something that can knock Google off its pedestal? No one can up with some new way to search the net, or better yet, some up with something disruptive enough to make Google’s search irrelevant?

I mean, that’s what Google did to get on top, right? We all used “portals” from companies like Yahoo (and, pre-web, services like Compuserve and Prodigy), that directed us where they thought we would want to go. Google changed that by making search the first thing you did when you hit the web. And they’ve since entrenched themselves into the web’s fiber.

Now, they are a verb:

Pronunciation: \ˈgü-gəl\
Function: transitive verb

Usage: often capitalized
Etymology: Google, trademark for a search engine
Date: 2001
: to use the Google search engine to obtain information about (as a person) on the World Wide Web

Search, plus giving your products away, and it’s a hit. All funded through ad sales on the very pages you serve up on your products. It all seems so mundane. Yet 540 bucks a share.

Am I the only one surprised that Google’s still on top?


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