Why LOST is Annoying Me

So last night was the big premier of the final season of LOST. I watched it.

And I am annoyed.

As a fan of the show, I’m used to not knowing what the hell is going on all the time. But…this is the final season. And we’re supposed to get some answers.

Not only that, but the producers of the show told us, we are going to get answers:

“Normally the thing that you have to execute is coming up with fulfilling endings and resolve the fate of your characters,” said Damon Lindelof, an executive producer who, with Carlton Cuse, oversees the series and is writing the key episodes for the coming season. “But we also have the added weight of how are we going to resolve this mythology.

“The show is so predicated on questions. So now we’re in answer mode, and have been for quite some time.”

…Viewers will not have to wait until the last moments of the series finale to get many of their answers, they say. Beginning with the season premiere, revelations about some of the most fundamental mysteries will come fast and furious.

Oh really?

(spoilers below…)

The Temple? WTF was that?

The people in the Temple? Who TF were they?

Why are there two timelines?

They killed off Juliet? TWICE?

What year is it on the island?

How is the man in black Locke?

What is he doing?

Why did Jacob let Ben stab him?

Why can only Hurley see Jacob?


All we learned last night was that the smoke monster was the guy in black who looks like Locke.


Seriously annoying. I feel like the show is going to lose me if they don’t give us more concrete answers to all this.

And if this season is simply a setup to a LOST movie or some bullshit like that, I will be pissed.


2 responses

  1. Ahem….
    #1 – Well not 100% sure yet, but I think we’ll learn more, obviously supposed to have healing waters but since Jacob died things have gone sour I think.
    #2 – Other others (more Others) I think.
    #3 – Alternative reality, branching off from the choice of the bomb working/not going off
    #4 – She drove me nuts anyway. :-)
    #5 – Some time in very near future time I think. The hatch was still blown from Desmond using the key and keeping the island from blowing up. The stewardess is with the extra Others and doesn’t look to old so I’d say it’s the same time as when they first “moved the island” and time started getting screwy or not far in the future from that.
    #6 – He’s the smoke monster, and considering the circles of powder they tried to hold him off with I would say BSM is some kind of demon. He is a shape changer which is why he looked like a guy way in the past talking to Jacob, Locke and even Ben’s daughter when Ben first went down there and “she” told him to do what Locke said. Which might answer several other appearances by folks who were dead in past shows, the BSM took their form.
    #7 – Wants to go home, wherever that is. Maybe he was imprisoned on the Island eons ago and is using all this trickery and manipulation to eventually escape.
    #8 – Jacob seems a very Christ-like figure. That whole scene with him and the guy who I think was BSM arguing in ancient times felt very “God and the Devil playing Chess” to me. I think he pulled an Aslan/Obi Wan and let Ben kill him as he will be free to perhaps change things in other ways from a more spiritual realm. Yeah, just conjecture but that’s where I think it’s headed
    #9 – Because Miles can talk to dead people but Hugo can SEE them. As in Charlie and whats her name, the girl he liked who was killed. He’s seen a few dead people and had talks with them in the past. He’s even had a conversation with Miles alluding to the fact that he sees dead folks. He even asked someone in one scene I recall (but don’t remember who it was) if they were dead. There is a precedence for him seeing Jacob, now that Jacob is dead.

    So I gotta argue this a little C, I think we have a few more answers than that. I know some of this is my conjecture, but I feel like I am starting to get a feel for where this is headed… and it was only the first episode, give them a little time. :-) I loved it (well, as you know) can’t wait for more!

    1. All guesses!

      I want answers!!!


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