Kurzweil BS’s Facebook

In an otherwise worthwhile interview with Ray Kurzweil, there is this:

Is Facebook helping people live longer?

Facebook is enabling us to share knowledge and achieve the wisdom of crowds. By being able to harness the wisdom of 250 million people, now on Facebook, we can ferret out the truth of what’s going in the world very quickly. We can see this in recent political events. From a practical perspective, it enables somebody with a new idea or new insight to share that, for it to spread virally through these kinds of knowledge-sharing sites.

It really does foster freedom and democracy, and not just on the political level but even things like health and medicine. Patients are going to their doctor’s office, armed with the latest knowledge. By being part of the community of people who have their condition, they’ll be more knowledgeable than the doctor. [This] changes the nature of the relationship.

Kurweil is a futurist, and no dummy. I think he was simply being courteous here — Facebook might be many things, but it ain’t helping people live longer.

That aside, I simply cannot wait for Kurzweil’s version of the future to happen:

There are early prototypes of where I think computing is going. To make devices smaller and smaller, they are more and more convenient, but we actually don’t want to look at a tiny screen. We’d like to actually have full immersion screens that we sort of live in. We are going to put these devices in our eyeglasses. We can just create a virtual screen that’s large and hovering in air that’s high resolution. Electronics will be just woven in your clothes or your belt buckle. The display will be augmented reality, and we’ll be online all the time.

Cool. Just like Manfred Macx.


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