Why Does Amazon Hate Lefties?

From Wired’s review of the new GIANT Kindle:

The reader’s appearance is further streamlined by its absence of buttons on the left-hand side of the unit; the controls to turn pages have migrated exclusively to the right side. Even though I’m a righty, and do most of my page turning from that side, I do miss the Kindle 2’s Next page button on the left, which I use when reading in bed, head propped up by my right arm. With the DX, I find myself reaching across the page with my left hand to turn the screen, giving me a sense of the difficulties that southpaws may face with the DX. Amazon’s suggested fix is using the DX’s controls to invert the page image, and flipping the unit so the keyboard is on top. But that gives lefties an upside down QWERTY.

Not that I was going to buy one anyway, but, as a person of the left-handed-ness persuasion, I find this an outrage! An outrage I say!

Seriously, this seems very odd Amazon would not only build something in this manner, but also recognize that mistake through a clumsy “fix” of turning the Kindle upside down, which, from a user interface perspective, still would not work.

Bad design.


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