NYT Article Skimmer

The NYT announced today a new interface for their website:

Here at The Times, we often hear a common story of usage from our customers: Reading the Sunday Times, spreading out the paper on a table. Think of this application as an attempt to provide that experience anytime. It is empowering to see so much information at once, so we display as many stories as we can fit into the space of your screen.

A great design for news junkies. Sort of combines the old text-based-web with RSS, but much nicer. And, of course, edited by the Times. (That’s why you read the NYT, right? To get the news as edited by them…)

Interesting to see where they go with this. Ideally, the Times (and every newspaper) should offer “skin-able” interfaces, so that their site can accommodate text-heavy, or video-heavy users, or anything in between.


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