Our Discourse Is So Stupid

Yesterday, on CNN, the financial reporter used a piggy bank to explain the banking crisis:

CHERNOFF: …Now let’s use a little piggy bank as an example. I’ve been using this today. This little piggy has been a very bad banker, filled with toxic assets. Right? A lot of bad mortgage loans made.

Well, we’ve got to get those mortgage loans out of the bank, out of the piggy. It hasn’t just happened just yet, but the government is saying we’re going to put private investors to work here, give them loans, give them an incentive to buy those rotten loans from the bankers. That will free — free up the banks, and then they’ll be in much better shape to make new loans and to get the flow of credit running again.

PHILLIPS: I feel like I’m back in elementary school. Allan and the little piggy bank. Now I can visualize the whole thing now, Allan.

Hmmm. Let’s think about this.

Perhaps the reason Kyra Philips felt like she was back in elementary school is that THE REPORTER WAS TALKING TO HER LIKE SHE WAS BACK IN FRACKING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL.

Piggy banks.



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