Portable Apps and TrueCrypt

An update on my previous post, about Portableapps.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks now, and have updated my setup, with TrueCrypt. Basically, I’ve set a USB flash drive with an encrypted TrueCrypt partition, and within that, I’ve installed portableapps.

So, with this setup, anything I want to bring with me gets encrypted — my browser settings, bookmarks, documents, etc. It’s secure, in case I lose the drive. I have a browser with me all the time, as well as a PDF viewer, and an IM client (Pidgin).

I have two drives, actually. One is 256MB, the other 8GB. Because of FAT limitations, the Truecrypt partition is limited to 2GB, but that’s more than enough space. The only difference between the two drives is the smaller one does not have room to install OpenOffice, but the larger one has that, too.

A very nice, secure, opensource, portable setup.


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