Portable Apps

I’m using PortableApps on a USB drive — very nifty stuff.

Since my drive is only 256MB, I installed the “light” suite, which gives you Firefox, a secure password store, a PDF reader, a Word-like program…pretty much everything except for OpenOffice.

I have Firefox configured to clear all the private data each time I exit, so it won’t retain any sessions, in case I lose the drive. It’s a fairly secure setup. I also ordered an 8GB drive, on which I’ll install the full portableapps suite, as well as Truecrypt. That should provide a fully secure, mobile solution for browsing, a doc store, and OpenOffice.

As far as I can tell, this setup leaves no digital footprints on the host machine, aside from some things lingering in the “recent docs” menu. But no cookies, or anything like that.

Good stuff.


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