Weekend at IMSI

This weekend, I had the good fortune to spend my time with a bunch of really smart and nice people, at the Rutgers Invitational Masters Student Institute.

We spent the weekend workshopping our academic papers and thinking about things like future trends in media studies and learning about what life at the PhD level is all about. All in all, great fun, with some really great people from all over the country. And Canada!

But….Facebook? Really? Are we really following this up with a Facebook group?

Trust me, there is nothing cool about Facebook. Facebook lost all claims to cool status when YOUR PARENTS SIGNED UP FOR THEIR ACCOUNTS.

I really don’t get the obsession. Is it the incessant and truly creepy voyeurism that you like, or the horribly designed and difficult to use interface that really sucks people in? Or maybe it’s the fact that you an check in anytime you like, but you can never leave? Or maybe it’s cause Mark Zuckerberg keeps pulling shit like Beacon every once in a while?

Who knows?

No, the kewl kidz are definitely not hanging out in Facebook. They’re playing WoW, or Halo, or, more likely, working some game or floating in some virtual world that you or I haven’t even heard of yet.


I’m sure I’ll join the group, one of these days. But, really, Facebook is, like, so 2006…


2 responses

  1. Here’s what I love about this post Carlo, you barely wrote for a paragraph about a weekend that may (or may not) have serious impact your career. Followed by the all too expected rant on the absurdity of this pedestrian socialization.
    You New York elitests and your superior air. Or is it air of superiority? Either way my indulgences in voyeuristic tendencies are my own business. Me and my therapist anyway.
    On a final note I would have been much more impressed if your rant would have been twitterized. I think it would have looked something like this.

    IMSI Good. Smart People. Facebook Sucks. Adam’s a dick.

    Great meeting you last weekend. Cheers,
    Adam Richard Rottinghaus

  2. It is “our superior air,” in fact.


    Thanks, Adam. Great meeting you, too. I’ll see you over in your little facebook club, one of these days.

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