Webcam Links

Inspired by Andy’s webcam project, I did the same on my Mac.

I realized, though, I have no way of checking on the world’s sights and sounds (ok, not sounds…) unless I’m at my computer. So, here’s a page with some them embedded within, accessible from anywhere.


2 responses

  1. Nice! One of the (many) things on my “to do when I get some time” list is to set up a page on my webserver that would dynamically update these while displaying them. This is a good, simple solution though.

  2. It definitely works for now…especially given that I don’t really have a web server anywhere, other than here.

    Probably better that way, as then I’d be trying to learn how to do fancier things, which would suck more time out of my life, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. :-)

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