Obama Campaign Creates iPhone App

The Obama campaign, furthering their innovative use of technology in this year’s Presidential race, now has available an application for the iPhone:

It will organize your contacts by key battleground states, and measures statistics to see how you are doing compared to other leading callers.

It also provides you with information about the campaign via text messages and e-mail, offers coverage of national and local campaign news, helps you find local events, share the information by e-mail, and get maps and directions. You can also use the application to browse videos and photos from the campaign.

The app makes it easy to prioritize your contacts based on key batteground states, allowing you to call and make your pitch where it’s most needed. While it may not be a game-changer, it’s significant simply in terms of innovation, and defining the candidate as a “new media” politician.

Another significant factor, reported by techPresident, is the Obama campaign did not fund this effort. It was created by volunteers of the campaign, and later adopted by the Obama team.

Free labor…truly a “web 2.0” candidate.


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