Twitter’s New Election Site

Twitter recently added new Election 08 features to their site:

During the first presidential debate in Oxford, Mississippi and each subsequent debate leading up to and beyond election day, Twitter will be performing real-time algorithmic analysis on millions of unedited public reactions. These trending topics along with a live ticker of continuously fresh opinions are available now at

There are some terrific features that came along with this new election site; the best might be the “auto-stream” of tweets that scroll by one after another. On the night they unveiled the new site, during the first Obama-McCain debate, the tweets scrolled by so fast, they were reaching The Matrix speeds!

What’s smart, though, from a business perspective, about these new features, is the value-add Twitter is realizing over the competing Twitter clients (such as Twitterific). As an example, today in the “hot topics” link on, I noticed “Bruce Springsteen.” Wondering what Bruce had to do with the election, I clicked on it, and it took me here:

Turns out, Springsteen and Billy Joel are doing a concert for Barack Obama. This is something you just don’t see when using Twitterific, and makes Twitter’s web site something worth visiting.

Now, if they would only add the Matrix-like scrolling to my twitter page, they’d be on to something! Hopefully these new features will be rolled into the main site after the election.


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