The AP fair use saga continues…summed up pretty well here.

A lot of the “why is everyone dumping on Bob Cox” could have probably been avoided with a bit more transparency on the part of the “Media Bloggers Association.” Dave Winer says the MBA’s not so bad, pointing out that a “blogger who’s being harassed by the AP needs help, [and Cox’s MBA is] providing it.”

But who is the Media Bloggers Association?

Via boing boing, we find a link, with Cox stating:

As I’ve already said elsewhere, I have never ever said that I represent “bloggers”

Funny, because the web site states:

The Media Bloggers Association is a nonpartisan organization dedicated to promoting, protecting and educating its members…Our members include veteran and newly minted bloggers, seasoned journalists and those who don’t consider themselves journalists, political conservatives, moderates and liberals.”

So this “association” that claims to represent “veteran and newly minted bloggers” now doesn’t represent bloggers?

Furthermore, exactly *who* are the members of this organization?

Can’t find it anywhere on the web site.

Go figure.

[update] Apparently, Jeff Jarvis, Micah Sifry, and Jay Rosen are among the founding members of the MBA?

Again, transparency. If this was widely and easily known, I doubt the blogosphere would have erupted the way it did re: Cox and the MBA. These folks bring credibility, and knowing this would have prevented or at least discouraged people from questioning the reputation of this organization.


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