Sociologists Cannot Work Cell Phones

I attended an event tonight, part of a lecture series from the folks at The New School for Social Research. And while the discussion was great — “Daniel Levy (SUNY Stony Brook) and John Torpey (CUNY Graduate Center) discuss the constructive and obstructive uses of memory in contemporary debates focusing on human rights and progressive politics” –what the heck is up with sociologists and their cell phones?

No less than five times did cell phones go off during the first hour!

I know cell phone technology is all “advanced” and “complicated,” but, seriously — putting it on silent is right above “Changing Channel On TV” and right below “Bookmarking In Your Browser.”

Really, it’s not that tough.


One response

  1. I hear ya’ brother.

    A worse situation, in my opinion, is the abundance of first- and second-year undergrads who “need to have their cell phones on and need to answer them in class.”

    I’m sorry, but Vidéotron calling you to remind you of a late film can wait.

    (Disclaimer) Indeed, there are limited cases where such a thing is reasonable: a sick family member, or professionals or parents returning to school, but they are in a small minority.

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