Blogosphere’s Reaction to ABC Debate

The liberal blogosphere is lit up tonight, in reaction to what’s basically being called ABC’s substance-free, right-wing-framed debate. See here, here, here, here, and the 6404 comments and growing at ABC’s web site, here.

[Note: title edited for clarity.]


3 responses

  1. I didnt see a problem with the questions. Better than the usual 45 min droning on about their health care plans.

  2. Carlo Scannella | Reply

    The problem with many of those questions, I think, was that they’re not anything that Democratic voters care about. If “flag pins” were important, Obama wouldn’t be leading the race right now.

    It was something like an hour before they got to a policy question.

  3. Hello Ben – You see no problem with the “questions”? They were asked about lapel pins and pastors. But NONE of the following topics were mentioned:

    The financial crisis
    The collapse of housing values in the US and around the world
    Health care
    The declining value of the US Dollar
    The decline of American manufacturing
    The Supreme Court
    The burgeoning world food crisis.
    Global warming
    The attacks on organized labor and the working class
    Terrorism and al Qaeda
    Civil liberties and constraints on government surveillance

    But I guess you think that kind of stuff is boring.

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