Rethinking Kindle?

Some new info about Kindle:

What you knew: Kindle can access and the Web to search Wikipedia via it’s free wireless connection.

What you didn’t know: You can just surf the Web in general. Kindle comes with a Web browser called Basic Web, which supports cookies, JavaScript and SSL, but doesn’t support plug-ins like Flash or Shockwave or Java applets. Basic Web lets you type in a URL, click on links and generally surf the Web like you would on a PC.

What you knew: Kindle is an e-book reader.

What you didn’t know: Kindle is also an audiobook reader and MP3 player, and has both speakers and a headphone jack. Amazon lets you buy audiobooks directly from by going to a dedicated Web site where you can download and install Kindle-specific software for connecting to and buying from You can listen to music while reading, although only in “shuffle” mode.

What you knew: Amazon charges $2 per month to subscribe to each RSS feed.

What you didn’t know: You can read any RSS feed, including those they charge for, free of charge via the Kindle’s Web browser by going directly to the sites.

Maybe there’s more to Kindle than we thought…

(Short post. Yeah, yeah…it’s finals…)


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  1. […] Kindle, on the other hand, seems like a much better form factor. But while there are some nice features to it, the real problem is that it’s a closed system, and even getting PDFs is a terribly […]

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